Frequently Asked Questions

How long will my case take?
Litigation proceedings, including dissolution of marriage, construction litigation, probate litigation and the like, depending upon the particular complexities, can take many months and sometimes years. Transactional matters are generally completed in accordance with the time constraints of the underlying contract documents. Kalcheim Haber, LLC strives to complete all assignments in the most expeditious manner possible without sacrificing quality and result.
Does it matter if I file for divorce before my spouse?
While in Illinois a judgment for dissolution of marriage is awarded to both spouses, regardless of which party files first, there are often strategic reasons to file first. This should be discussed with the attorney handling your file.
How much will my divorce cost?
While it is impossible to predict what it will ultimately cost to secure your divorce, it is important that the law firm you choose properly assigns the work such that senior level attorneys are utilized on the complex issues while junior level attorneys and paralegals perform routine tasks. This division of labor will keep costs down without sacrificing result.